We have structural equipment for releasing gas burners (computers for analysis of gases, digital gas detectors, digital manometers, analog meters of gas flow). We service and release oil, petroleum jelly, gas, methane gas and LPG gas burners from 20kW to 10MW.

Despite the fact that  our team perform services on the spot,we also receive burners in our service that are serviced and trained to work in a very short period. We also service boiler automation on warm and hot water, and steam boilers (low and high pressure) with capacity from 20kW to 10MW. The servicing of oil and petroleum jelly burners include the following operations:

· Cleaning nozzles

· Cleaning of electrodes

· Pump Contro

l· Back pressure contro

l· Adjustable pressure

· Control : tranformator· Thermostats

· Photocells

· Magnetic valves

· Power engine

· Pump· Flame tube

· Flame holder

· Cleaning of mixer fuel air.

· There are the same operations in gas burners and we make further control of VPS sealing system;

· Control of pressure switches for gas and air;

· Control of gas regulator

· Control of pressure of gas

· Computer control

At each regular service of a burner if defective parts are fixed, they are being replaced with new parts.

Note that before the arrival of each service in your buildings / homes, your task is to clean the boiler and it is done before every season, then register with our service and the rest is our job.