About Us

     ··Termoplam – A service for burners is synonym for quality, professionalism and guarantee for excellent finished project.·This company successfully works on the market almost 20 years since 1990. Basic activities of our company are installing, servicing, and selling oil-burners, gas-burners and petroleum jelly-burners.

·· · Also we are projecting energetic plants.We are servicing and installing burners from different kind of manufactories, such as: Weihaupt-Germany, Ecoflam-Italy, Riello-Italy, Lamborgini-italy ,Venterm-Croatia. We own authorized rights for selling and servicing of burners from Weishaupt and Ecoflam .·We have fully equipped personal that offers 24 hours available service to our clients.
·· · ·Our work includes different types of client companies, such as: hospitals, small gardens, military depots, meet, milk and tobacco industries, small business and other…